by Nitesh Arora

One of the benefits of using many different services is that you get to know what you like. 

Lately, I have been using my tumblr much more often. I have always used it a good deal, but I have more of a grasp of how I would like to use my tumblr as opposed to facebook/twitter/wordpress/ and NiteshArora.com. Tumblr is the social blogger's platform. It's not the best for original content, but it's great for reblogging and adding commentary. It's easier to create a back & forth on tumblr versus, let's say, wordpress. And, tumblr is quick and easy. It allows you to pick your type of entry, add, and send. 

There are three things I tend to do with my tumblr: reblog with commentary, share links I see in other venues with or without commentary, and queue posts. 

I don't see an option to queue posts with squarespace. I would not want squarespace to become the new home of reblogging and it's easier to keep that on tumblr. I don't see any reason, though, that I can't start sharing more original content on here as opposed to tumblr. I could always share a post from here there so as to get a larger pool of people reading the post. However, it's much easier for my original content to get drowned out on tumblr than it is here.