Ugly or Pretty Has Nothing to Do with Funny

by Nitesh Arora

Elizabeth Banks responds to Nikki Finke.

It's funny, I tend to prefer female comedians to male comedians. No matter how many times someone says that 'women aren't funny' & in this case pretty women aren't funny it ends up coming across as ridiculous.  

Funny is funny. What you think is funny may not be funny at all to me. I know a lot of guys that follow mainly male comedians. As far as actors go, I often find female comedy actors very memorable.

Saying pretty women aren't funny? Well, you may think so Nikki Finke, but doesn't that rely on your definition of 'pretty'? I Love Lucy is one of my favorite comedies. And I think Lucille Ball looks great. Amy Poehler in Parks & Recreation or Mindy Kaling in The Mindy Project both have hilarious shows. I'm sure every other article about them will have a comment about their looks. Part of my perception of beauty links with personality and sure that can vary, but the amount of attention people pay to how others look can be astounding. 

 Why not just focus on their talent?