Tales of the Universe: Time for a Horror Movie?

by Nitesh Arora

So. The universe is trying to kill me. Again.

"Well it's just weather, it's not like it can harm anyone!" That's what he said before the tree branch came towards his windshield. Because reality is just as ridiculous as a terrible horror movie. 

Seriously--as I finally head back to my parents' house a storm brews & within minutes of their property wind & lightning start attacking. I rush inside. My parents and brother are gone for the weekend. Their house is perfect for this horror movie. Their road is built with a goal of privacy & the house? Well, it's huge. Since it's in the heart of suburbia you can actually see the stars! 

I'm alone. During a storm. In a huge house that's very dark & very empty.

So, there's only one question: Where's the killer?