A Cuppa Coffee--and Half a Cup of Sugar

by Nitesh Arora

Today, I received a couple of samples of Nestle's Memento instant coffee. One cappuccino & the other mocha. Great timing--I was in a mood for coffee (when is one not in the mood for coffee? Oh, great--am I one of those people now?). First, I decided to obsessively clean my brewer in an attempt to rid it of any leftover smell of a tea that I hadn't quite loved & those few grains of coffee that can be leftover. It's a great single person brewer, until a crazy person goes crazy trying to clean it to get truly clean hot water. 

After I managed to settle on a batch of hot water (yes, we're calling it a batch), I mixed in the Nestle Memento cappuccino mix. Not bad. Maybe a dash of sugar. I decided to pour it directly from the box of sugar we had at my apartment. Instead of getting a dash of sugar in my coffee the sugar seemed to dash into my bright yellow mug. How do you stop a ton of sugar from dissolving in hot water? You don't. So, what may have been literally a half a cup of sugar (OK, maybe figuratively) was sweetening my coffee.

I did what any smart person would do-- heat up more water & make the other pack of instant coffee. There's nothing wrong with mixing over-sugared cappuccino flavored instant with mocha, right? Well, my mug was already in use, so my tumbler had to brave the task. And, when it was done I mixed them together in a 32 oz container--making sure they cycled through the mug of much too much sugar once more. OK. This seems like a lot of coffee. But, maybe it won't be too sugary & I can drink some of it now & save some of it until later? The coffee betrayed me. Or was it my old love sugar that betrayed me? I would power through it. For a few sips. I could do a mug.

Yeah, nope. Instant coffee isn't bitter enough to balance the sugar. And, I don't care for a ton of sugar in my coffee in the first place.

I did what any logical person would do because I wanted some coffee. Add ice. Make it iced coffee. Diluted iced coffee could be better tasting than what I had started with.

I lost. Diluted sugar and coffee flavored lukewarm drink is not my friend. I'll make real coffee tomorrow. Black.